Sub Acidity Foam

The thick and less stimulating foam of YUNGO have bothlipophilic and hydrophilicqualities which cleansesand hydrates the hair.

Premium Oriental Solution

Infused with ingredients of rich cultural history.

Bird Nest – Moisture
Ginseng – Volume
Cordyceps – Scalp care
Gold – Glow & Shine

100 Natural Ingredients

Formulated with 100 natural ingredients from native korean flowers, herbs and fruits for a nourishing all-in-one hair care.




I have thin, dry limp hair. No bounce. No life.I have used every conceivable product everdesigned to combat this. Little did I know anobscure Korean shampoo would be the cure to my woes! My lifeless hair is now FULL of shine, life and bounce!

“JL Review”

My hair is very bouncy and felt reallyrefreshed after shampooing. I didn’t have to use hair conditioner. My hair has never been this nice, bouncy and shiny before. I am soimpressed with it I have already bought the second one.