Frequently Asked Questions

What is #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign about?

Our Covid-19 frontline heroes have worked tirelessly to protect us and our family during this trying period. #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign aims to encourage members of the public to thank these heroes by purchasing a Christmas present for them as a token of appreciation. THEFACESHOP will match the value of gifts purchased 1-for-1*, and deliver all purchased and topped-up gifts to the frontline helpers at Singapore General Hospital.

*Campaign will close when the target of $50,000 gifts purchased is reached.

Who is the official partner for #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign?

Singapore General Hospital is the official partner for #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign.

How long will #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign last?

Campaign duration is from 2 November to 31 December 2020, or when the target of $50,000 gifts purchased is reached, whichever earlier.

How are the Christmas sets going to reach the staff of Singapore General Hospital?

After the campaign closes, all Christmas sets purchased and matched by THEFACESHOP will be consolidated and delivered to our partners at Singapore General Hospital by the first week of January 2021.

How can we check the status of #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign?

You will not be able to check the live status of the number of sets purchased. However, we will be updating our Facebook page regularly on the status.

Is there a minimum purchase quantity required?

No, there is no minimum purchase required. However, only a selection of Christmas sets are available for this campaign. You may find the product listing on this page.

For further enquiries on #THEFACESHOPGivesBack campaign, please contact us via our Facebook page.