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Let Your Lips Do the Talking

When it comes to makeup, lips are the go-to for making a statement – bringing out our inner rebel and sensual side. No look is complete without the perfect lip colour! There is a shade of lipstick for every skin tone and to match your mood for the day. Paint your lips matte or sheer with a shine to emphasize its natural shape to deliver your best smile. Here at THEFACESHOP, we carry the leading Korean lipstick brands for that instant pout-perfection at accessible prices. Our lip makeup products are 100% cruelty-free and dermatologically tested so you can shop responsibly without having to worry about what you’re putting on your skin.

Different Types of Lipstick Makeup

For centuries, people have used lipstick to enhance their looks – from using crushed gemstones to extracting colour from flowers and vegetables. Both men and women have indulged in makeup and decorated their lips since ancient civilizations. Unsurprisingly, lipstick has evolved significantly, becoming available in hundreds and thousands of different shades, formulas and textures. With endless options of lipsticks and shades to choose from, there is a lipstick for everybody out there.

Sheer & Satin

One of the most versatile lipstick formulas, sheer and satin lipsticks are a great choice for a wide range of occasions. These classic lipsticks are generally higher in oil content than other types, so it’s less likely to leave your lips dry and chapped. Paint your lips with THEFACESHOP Rouge Satin Moisture for a light wash of colour with a subtle shine, incredibly fitting for both day and night looks.


There is no lipstick more eye-catching than gloss. Better known as a lip enhancer, glossy lipstick enhances the depth and dimensions of your lips while adding shine to them. Though high-shine glosses are often associated with throwback trends, it’s a staple during warmer months. Try out THEFACESHOP Rouge Shine Vivid for a youthful glow to your fresh-faced daytime looks.


If you need a lipstick that has intense pigmentation and stays put all day long, consider matte lipsticks. These lipsticks are rich in colour and leave your lips with a flat matte finish. As such, it can dry out the lips if you do not prep them properly. Add THEFACESHOP Rouge Powder Matte to your makeup stash if you’re looking for an intense colour payoff while still being lightweight.