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With much of skincare focused on finding the best face products, your hair and body care can be left to fend for themselves. However, skincare is a full-body agenda. THEFACESHOP - Nature Collection has released a line of hair and body care sets which are fool-proof for beginners and effective in pampering your skin.

Hair Care Sets

Our hair plays a crucial role in showcasing our appearance, your scalp needs proper nourishment to make your hair strong, long and healthy. THEFACESHOP - Nature Collection has curated high-quality hair products from reputable brands such as BEYOND Healing Force Hair Essentials Set, BEYOND Argan Therapy Moisture Essence Set, etc. These sets are made with ingredients that ensure that your hair is left nourished, moisturised and volumized and smelling good after use. Throw away your worries of hair loss and say hello to a healthier scalp today!

Body Care Sets

Acne can appear on our backs and chest, as well as many other parts of our bodies if neglected, which can be painful and irritating to handle. Daily and consistent use of body care products is important to prevent such skin troubles. THEFACESHOP- Nature Collection recognises the importance of body care and has put out a line of body care sets consisting of premium products from credible brands. Our body care sets include THEFACESHOP WonderFriends Dr. Belmeur Body Set, BEYOND Total Recovery Body Gift Set, etc. Our products which are suitable for all skin types, are specially made with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and supple after use.