Proven Results

No.1 repurchase rate in Korea: 97% of our consumers said yes to recommending our products to their friends.

Personalised Solutions

Created with customers’ hair stories in mind.
Greasy scalp: Rosemary
Weak hair: Lingzhi
Damaged hair: Iris

Purer, Safer Ingredients

Formulated without silicon, sulfate surfactants or parabens. We use natural ingredients only.



“BBeunSo’s Review”

No wonder this shampoo was picked as no.1 shampoo in Powder Room. It gives nourishment to the roots and it does improve hair loss because it fixes problems from the foundation.
– Ranked as no.1 shampoo in Powder Room for August, 2017.

“Lovely Rabbit’s Review”

I experienced having bouncy and healthy hair after a long time. This is such a great product. I’m really touched by its result. It helps with hair loss from giving birth and controls scalp as well. I’m very satisfied with this shampoo.