True beauty begins with healthy skin.


CNP Invisible Peeling Booster

“A must-have in my skincare regimen, I wake up to baby-soft skin every morning! I notice that my makeup now blends much smoothly into my skin as well. No more dry, flaky skin!”

– Isable O.

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CNP Propolis Ampule Mist

“I really enjoy using this to keep my skin moisturized as I work at an air-conditioned office. The mist particles are ultra-fine so I can use it throughout the day without worrying that it would mess up my makeup.”

– Christine W.

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CNP Propolis Energy Ampule

“The best ampoule ever! I have used it for a week, and it has completely transformed my skin. It cured my dry and dull skin by hydrating and brightening my skin from inside out!”

– Zhen W.

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CNP Anti-Pore Blackhead Clear Kit

“These are amazing. My nose has never been smoother and cleaner. Plus, it feels really gentle, unlike other pore strips!”

– Ivan T.

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CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch

“I always have late nights, but with this, I no longer have puffy eyes or dark circles! I also use them before important meetings and they don’t smudge my tinted sunscreen or leave any marks.”

– Joevina L.

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